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3 Things You Can Do Different in 2013

Published by on January 16, 2013

One of the constants in the Internet marketing world is change and the vast speed in which it does evolve isnt always in line with business. Keeping up to date and ahead of the game is a task in itself and this is what we have based our business on over the past 6 years. Staying ahead of the game and providing new services that perhaps develop in the USA for instance and transferring them to small to medium sized business in the Uk. So as 2013 is here what are the current trends the latest developments. As a small business owner what can you be doing to improve the image and standing of your companies online presence so it reflects your presence in the real world…

Is your companies social media presence up to date ?

1. Pinterest – The idea behind Pinterest is images and lots of them people create boards based on their hobbies, interest and many other things. If you lacking inspiration and thinking what could I do ? You will find lots of inspiration on other users boards where you can repin images. How can this be used for business ? What Pinterest does is tells the story and you can use Pinterest to provide a visual representation of your company. Tell the story and create your companies identity. What other brands would you associate with your company what lifestyle. Visually persuade and inform your audience your company is the brand they can relate to. Here is a link to my Favourite brands board –

2. Instagram – The focus of instagram is images again but taken in a Polaroid style where you can adjust lighting and add borders to images. What instgram does is instantly gives the connotations of a “trendy” and up to date business. Adding instagram images to your Facebook page via the Instgram app will automatically inform your audience you are up to date with Social Media. Plus you can also use brand association techniques a cool idea would be to picture your staff members or maybe existing branded mugs, t shirts even vehicles.

3. Google Plus – Such a undervalued and unused tool and with Martin Shevrington who has championed Google plus we have been helping to spread the word recently on just how useful a tool this can be for business. I rewind myself 5 or 6 years ago when I was begining to pitch the idea of Facebook for business and remember some of the reactions. “Facebook its for kids” “My teenage daughter uses that its not for business” you get the idea. The gulf in knowledge on social media is so vast these days just as it was 5 or 6 years ago. Facebook is mainstream their is no doubt about that what Google plus currently has is a abundance of what I would call professional social media providers and industry leaders in a wide range of business’s. Its a perfect time to get on board and start taking advantage of the impressive circles and ripples.

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Here is a video from Martin Shevrington that explain how you can use Ripples and reveal plus ones to create circles based on selections –




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