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365 Trampolines – Case Study

Published by on December 8, 2009

365 trampolines helping improve natural listings

We sat down around 3 months ago now and the 365trampolines site was in a poor state when it came to natural listings on google and yahoo. A combination of on page content, internal linking, article writing, blog creation and link building and we are making an inroad into the highly competitive trampolines market online.

A search under the keyword of trampoline would have found the site no where to be seen. Finding good position in a few google base listings only the first stage was to improve the google base listings. Keyword research and alterations to content and titles have helped improve this traffic.

365 Trampolines Improving Natural Listings

365 Trampolines Improving Natural Listings

Through the blog creation and link building along with articles and social bookmarking 365trampolines now finds its self position on the third page for the generic term of trampolines. Put simply there are no short cuts when it comes to improving the natural listings good honest hard work is the only way you can make any inroad.

An update has now been made and the site is the top of the 3rd page so the next step will be a position on the 2nd page.

As of now the 18th of December the site is now on the 2nd page of google.

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