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5 best email marketing campaign software’s for your business

Published by on January 4, 2012

Email Frequency by Budget
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Email marketing is indispensable for businesses which need to send newsletters, correspondence, marketing materials, and documents regularly to a large number of customers. For easing the task, professional email marketing software has been designed, which helps you launch an effective marketing campaign without investing massive amounts on advertising. There are many creation features which can help you make an impressive email format for bulk mailing. A list of five most common and popular email marketing campaign software has been listed below.


1. SendBlaster: Known to be easy-to-use software, SendBlaster can help you launch your email marketing campaign in minutes. You can create tailored emails using materials from your databases and have the power to manage 15 different customizable fields. The data merge facilities of the software is simply superb, and every recipient receives a personalized message with his name. The composer has a variety of templates, and there’s a powerful mailing list manager that helps you send bulk mails. Since it’s a type of software, safety is provided for the information sent, without any public declaration, and the business doesn’t need to pay for every email sent.


2. Spryka ePostMailer: This is a perfect email marking software for all kinds of e-commerce sites. You can send up to 500 emails in an hour without getting spammed with control delivery features. It also features auto responders, which can be customized for specific mails.


3. E-mail Marketing Professional 2.0: If you are looking for free software for your emails, Email Marketing Pro is the perfect, effective tool for your varied advertising needs. You can manage your customer list and view reports without any monthly fees.


4. iContact: Although a paid software, iContact provides you with everything that is needed for successful email marketing campaign. Whether you are an expert or novice, this is the perfect software to learn and explore the dimensions of web marketing with emails and newsletters. There is a standard design format or you can opt for HTML coding for composing, and you can even test the look of the email sent and whether it passes all spam tests.


5. MailChimp: Just like iContact, Mail Chimp is also paid email marketing campaign software. It helps you to send emails in bulk and easily integrated with Google analytics for knowing the business statistics better. There are many features on the software, which can be customized for creating unique mails.


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Corbett is an Indian based writer specialized in Seo/Sem and has written this article from his experience on email marketing campaigns. He writes on business marketing and social media marketing. His current projects include and business marketing.

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