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5 Best WordPress plugins to build a mobile site or blog

Published by on January 6, 2012

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The number of mobile internet users has increased significantly over the past few years with the launch of cheap mobile internet services and high-end technical devices like tabs, iPads, and WiFi/3g Phones. If you want to make your website mobile-friendly for increasing the number of visitors, you can take help of some of the WordPress plugins mentioned below

1. WordPress Mobile Pack: This is a near-perfect plugin that can assist you immensely in mobilizing your website. There is a mobile switcher which helps to select theme according to the type of user visiting the website. Although many argue that the plugin supports one theme, there are different color choices available, which make things extremely clear. There is a mobile admin panel that allows access to the admin interface through a mobile device. Blog managers can easily enable Google Mobile AdSense and AdMob for revenues.

2. WordPress Mobile detector: This plugin is considered as one of the best plugins according to many webmasters. The features included are extremely easy to use, and there are nine themes incorporated. The best part is the fact that the plugin supports more than 4000 mobile devices including tabs and smart phones. Contents are easily formatted with this plugin, and it also supports WP widgets. Images are resized automatically for a device, and you can also create multilingual websites. You can also track the traffic from various sources.

3. MobilePress: This is another powerful WO plugin that is popular for being compatible with most smart phones. You can easily use customized themes and test the website for mobile view without using domain mapping. This is a SEO enabled plugin that detects search Bots from Google and Yahoo. Theme designers have the power to design themes specifically for unique smart phones and iPhone.

4. WP ViewMobile: This is a plugin that makes your WordPress internet ready for mobile devices. Whenever a user tries to access your blog via a mobile device, the plugin will automatically detect the change and will send a template that is meant and optimized for mobiles. It tries to resize images according to the device and in case it fails, thoroughly removes them for smooth mobile viewing.

5. Mobilize: This is noteworthy WP plugin from Mippin. Every time a website of blog is visited via a mobile phone, the URL is redirected to Mippin, which renders a mobile site according to the device type. This is a totally free service, and the blog owner gets paid for all ads and other revenues generated.

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