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5 Reasons why you should join Google Plus

Published by on November 4, 2011

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5 Reasons Why Google+ is a Social Media Marketing Phenomenon

There’s been a lot of web chatter since the launch of Google+, ironically much of it on its two biggest rivals, Facebook and Twitter. Experts have argued over whether its arrival heralds the conquering of mighty Facebook and the slow demise of Twitter, or whether it’s just another of Google’s flash-in-the-pan forays into social media, a bit like the damp squib that was Google Buzz.

For the time being at least, there doesn’t seem to be any real threat to Facebook or Twitter from Google’s social offering. However leaving aside the debates over which is better, there are several key reasons why Google+ is at the very least a great addition to your social media marketing strategy.

  1. Fantastic Filters – Like Twitter’s Lists and Facebook’s Friend Lists, Google+ has its own way of organising the people you interact with. Circles are so simple and intuitive that it becomes a cinch to broadcast information to exactly the right group of people.
  2. Group Messaging – BlackBerry users have had plenty of experience with group messaging services like BBM, but Google+ has its own offering called ‘Huddles’, which allow users of their Android app (as well as a forthcoming iOS version) to chat and share media with their Circles, whilst on the move. This offers a very targeted option for releasing special offers or announcing new products.
  3. Hangouts – A big hit with users since the service launched in beta testing, Hangouts provide an opportunity to video chat with up to 10 people at a time.  They appear in news streams giving friends the option to join or leave at any time, allowing face-to-face chat and YouTube video sharing. A simple video presentation is a very real possibility with this feature, allowing for question and answer sessions afterwards.
  4. Integration – As you would expect from Google, their social media platform is highly integrated with the rest of the vast array of Google products. The option to ‘+1’ all sorts of things across the web, and the ever-present Google+ notification bar makes the whole thing feel like a very inclusive system, yet doesn’t intrude on your browsing experience.
  5. Looks – It has to be said that Google+ looks pretty amazing. It has a clean and simple user interface, with clever little graphic touches like the deleted circles that roll away off the screen. The reason the whole world started its love affair with Google was because of its minimalist, unobtrusive homepage, which has carried through into the beautiful design of Google+. It looks and feels powerful and professional, which makes it an attractive environment to promote business, and is something which Facebook will perhaps never be able to compete with.

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