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5 Scaremongering tactics spoiling SEO

Published by on June 10, 2016

One of the common things I have experienced Internet agencies use in order to close new business with companies is the use of scaremongering tactics. I wanted to cover 5 that I have come across in the previous 10 years.

Dont do link building you will get a Google penalty

– Of course a website can receive penalties for over manipulation of back link building. When this was introduced sites with thousands of links on obvious dodgy links in neighbours hoods were flagged up with penalties. A large number of companies were having to submit disavow reports to remove thousands of poor quality links. Many occasions where they had hired a company to do seo they went along unaware and were struck with problems. This was 3/4 years ago now and on these occasions the problem was excessive keyword anchor text building so keyword links to the homepage. Links on Dodgy obvious link farms and nothing has changed there and many respects quite obviously wrong. But if you couldn’t place links to your site then how on earth could the internet and google work. If you remove back links Google couldn’t function it is still a massive part of Google code. Also what if a rival came along tomorrow and purchased links pointed them to your site to get you blacklisted what if you paid for links to a rival website yourself ?. Its for that reason Google has to allow removal of these links and resubmission. Rival companies could employ these style of tactics to take people away from a high ranking. What if you are doing genuine PR wouldn’t it be normal to place a link back to your site. Isn’t that natural to allow the user to visit a site ? Excessive over manipulated link building don’t do it of course !. But to go as far to say you cant do any link building is scaremongering at its finest. It hampers on many occasions companies ability to grow naturally online being fed these scaremongering statements. It also falls into many SEO agencies business model not doing link building as it take a lot of time and effort to achieve good genuine PR posting.

Dont place your phone number on more than one website Google can trace it

– Why shouldn’t you be well within your rights to place your phone number on as many sites as you like that you own. Again classic scaremongering

Duplicate content will result in a penalty

– In a previous post on our blog (click here) it was confirmed that this was a myth. Why can you not create pages with services in different towns ? We have tested this in many different sectors and see sites with over 40,000 area pages continue to work and generate leads.

Once you get a Google penalty thats it your site is dead you need a new domain

– Even if your site did receive a penalty you can fix it via the google webmaster tools login. It will show the reason for the penalty and you can go in there and get it fixed.

You already have a penalty I can tell looking at Alexa traffic data

– I have even heard scaremongering reach a level where SEO companies have lied to me telling me sites I own have penalties to scaremonger me then when I check Google webmaster tools no issues. So who do you trust Google themselves or the small SEO company looking for new clients.

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