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5 Tips for Mobile Marketing

Published by on February 6, 2012

With mobile marketing becoming such an important facet of online marketing efforts these days, it is important to remember some of the ‘golden rules’ in this fastest-growing of areas. Here’s five top tips to help anyone planning a mobile internet marketing campaign make the most of it:

  1. Make it short, sharp and punchy! Since mobile devices such as smartphones are most likely to be used on the move, and many possible transactions will take place during public transport journeys or waiting in a queue, it makes sense for online marketing campaigns aimed at mobile users to be divided into “bite-size” portions, making it easier for the potential customer to read and digest the content. If a marketing drive drags, the bustling mobile user will lose interest.


  1. Ensure the personal touch. Because mobile phones are uniquely personal – they are far more “part” of the person using them regularly than computers or even laptops – they are perfect for tailoring online marketing campaigns across a wide variety of personalised platforms, such as social media giants Facebook and Twitter, SMS and email. A canny marketing strategy realises this and concentrates on being accessible, personal and fun.

  1. Include video content where possible. People like watching video clips on their smartphones – and even more so, people like making films on their smartphones. As part of your campaign, encourage potential customers to make their own videos and post them on your website directly from their handsets. In this way, the campaign helps to create its own online “community” or a small-scale social network of its very own, instilling brand loyalty and encouraging participation in further promotional events.


  1. Use mobile marketing as part of an integrated campaign. When mobile marketing techniques such as SMS form part of a comprehensive online marketing drive encompassing an optimised website, blog posts, SEO and PPC campaigns, the results can be spectacular. To make the most of this, make sure your site has campaign-specific landing pages for all of your mobile banners.

  1. Tie your campaign in with other popular features among mobile users. Owners of smartphones and tablets use them all the time to receive news reports and gossip, weather forecasts, information about local events and sporting updates. Try to bundle some of this content with your own campaign, offering extra mobile content, money off coupons or other incentives. This tactic is especially effective for local businesses seeking to expand their local customer base.



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