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5 Ways to Avoid Google Penalties

Published by on October 21, 2013

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The past 12 months have seen some of the biggest changes in the Google algorithm a total of 14 updates which has caused the largest volume of penalties we have seen. Given the current state of the search engine and all the changes I wanted to list 5 of the most common reasons peoples sites are being penalised.

1. Keyword Anchor Text Overkill

– Your back link structure and how natural it appears is very important one of the common issues we have seen is where SEO work carried out over previous years has over emphasised one or two keywords. A percentage of no more than 20% on one anchor text link should see your site is in good shape increasing brand name and urls links is now essential. Removal of previous links may be the only way you can change this. Check webmaster tools for penalties and also back link checkers for your anchor text .

2. Incoming link sources

– We see links added not for the relevancy of the site but purely to pass on page rank and domain authority. If you sold Diamond Engagement rings online why would a site that talks about medication or fitness link to you ? Its all about relevancy… By all means gain back links to your Rings site from a niche Wedding blog. Perhaps even a travel site discussing Honeymoon locations if it isn’t relevant you can forget the page rank and domain authority factors.

3. Outbound links

– If you do gain a link on a site in a guest blog post for instance think about the quality of that site. If the site links to sources that are not relevant such as Viagra links (most common example) be strong enough to turn down these opportunities. If your in a bad neighbourhood you could be part of a network or link farm that is going to get you penalised.

4. Your content is low quality

– If you don’t have the time to write good quality content why not contact a copywriter on a site like People Per Hour or you could outsource to ourselves. Content for content sakes is pointless but content that is going to add genuine value, support and information to the reader is invaluable. Especially now with the rising importance of social shares for search.

5. Buying links from link sellers

– Regular emails enter my inbox with opportunities to purchase links for $100 from India, Singapore. It makes sense right order from abroad and save a fortune ? One problem is can you trust these companies 100% not just to deliver the order but deliver them on high quality sites. Is the content they publish going to be high quality english ? Is their potential they will be linking to other poor sources. Is it really worth the risk ? Remember 100 poor quality links can be beaten by one high quality relevant link.

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