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Act Fast to Grab Attention on Twitter and Facebook

Published by on January 17, 2011

The head of an online services company has urged online marketing executives to make sure that their campaigns are capable of having an instant impact on potential customers.

The Growth Masters founder and boss Robert Kintigh said that the growth of online marketing has represented “the most dynamic evolutionary step” in the unique medium of advertising that took decades to develop on the radio and television.

“Back then, you had to write down information on a paper pad. Today, you click on a website or a link and you’re instantly provided the information you want,” he pointed out, arguing that because of this, anyone involved with online marketing has a smaller window of time to grab the attention of customers and pitch the attractions of their service or product.

Mr Kintigh said that ideally, effective online advertising is able to both capture the attention of its target audience and make them wish to desire the products and services on offer.

The increasing popularity of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook is making the process of online marketing even faster, British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) Justin Cooke argued recently.

Mr Cooke said that social networks will become the favourite platform for many users buying products or services online in 2011, insisting that the UK was “fast becoming addicted to checking in, following and snacking on social media snippets while on the move,” before pointing out that growingsales of smartphones mean that people are able to log on to Facebook and Twitter from almost anywhere at almost any time of the day or night.

“I have no doubt that this love affair will continue to blossom in 2011 and even bear some new digitalicious fruits,” Mr Cooke added, predicting that “major brands will create social transactional applications and it will become commonplace for users to be able to make transactions on social media platforms.”

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