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Gooners Make Online Marketing Campaign Their Goal

Published by on June 25, 2012

Arsenal Football Club revealed its new online marketing strategy recently, along with its ambition to become the Premier League’s “Tesco Clubcard” through its fan membership.

The north London club will be placing its CRM system at the heart of the new internet marketing initiative, starting off by making it easier to become a member – with different levels of privilege depending on the level of membership paid for. This will effect access to priority tickets, online access to resources such as the Arsenal video library plus a new raft of special offers and promotions.

Speaking to Marketing Week magazine, Arsenal’s head of marketing Charles Allen said that “we are investing in a CRM system to register interests and passions so we can then send those people on appropriate journeys of affinity and provide access at an appropriate level.”

The main vehicle for the online marketing drive will be social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Currently it boasts 10.5 million Facebook fans and 1.5 Twitter followers. These will now be targeted with various special offers and membership options.

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