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Asos Reaps Benefits of Online Marketing Drive in the USA

Published by on January 24, 2011

Online fashion retailer Asos revealed last week that it enjoyed a 59 per cent increase in revenue after online marketing efforts put its new US website well and truly on the map.

Asos said that the success of the US site means that revenues from its are on course to match its UK operations in the medium term.

According to the company, which has been trading now for over 10 years, the launch of its American website in October boosted sales in the US by 267 per cent for the last quarter of 2010 – thanks to online marketing efforts, US sales are now growing faster than their UK equivalents did in the early days of Asos. In the first few years of the century, its growth rate stood at around 100 per cent.

Asos chief executive Nick Robertson told the Independent newspaper that “the US will be at least as big as the UK in the medium term, which is very exciting.”

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The fashion retailer also announced that it is taking advantage of the growing prevalence of online advertising via social networks – with plans to launch its very own “Facebook Store” on Thursday. The new platform will allow Facebook users to buy Asos products using their usual login for the Asos site, which attracts over 11 million visitors every month.

Millions of Asos customers already interact with its main website via Facebook, and the company’s e-commerce director James Hart said: “Our Facebook Store will allow them to do this directly through Facebook.”

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