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Basic SEO Tips Every Blogger Should Know

Published by on January 17, 2012

Bloggers need a basic knowledge of how Search Engine Optimization known as SEO works. SEO determines where your site will come up when someone is searching for information. The sites with the most successful keyword optimization will pop up first, and they are the pages that are going to get the most traffic.

Spiders are computer programs that read web content and organize the collected data. The data determines the order in which the pages come up when people are searching for information on a specific topic. Spiders read text just like people do, but they cannot decipher images.

Titles and Page Headers
Words in title and page headers are the first thing spiders and people read. They should contain the strongest and most descriptive keywords relating to your text, because they describe the topic of your content.

Keep your text simple and updated. Use an easy format to make it easier for spiders and people to read. Try not to discuss multiple topics on one page, because it can confuse spiders. Create a new page for each topic, and use as many links as possible since spiders will follow the paths.

Keyword placement decides your success. Sprinkle keywords throughout the body of your text. Utilize words that you would type in if you were searching for information contained on your website. The use of common sense when you are choosing and placing words usually results in rich keywords and flowing text.

Many people think that the more keywords they use the better success they will have, but keyword stuffing works the opposite way. Search engine spiders include programming that considers text containing overused keywords as spam and ignores the content altogether.

Spiders cannot read images, so consider picture placement carefully. Use the ALT tag that allows you to include a text description of every image placed on your pages. Pages with flash may attract readers when they find your website, but use them sparingly because they have no affect on SEO.

Final Thoughts
You can maintain an attractive website and still make it easy for people and spiders to find, read and follow your content. Confusing or complicated text does not correlate into success. The text needs to make sense and read smoothly to hold the readers interest. Use relevant keyword phrases in anchor text to link with other pages to further increase SEO.
Rebecca Jones is a contributing writer for Invesp, a company that assists clients with their conversion optimization efforts through site testing and adjusting pages to promote landing page optimization.

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