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Canonical url’s are a must

Published by on September 15, 2010

Canonical Urls and the use of them in a correct way in order to help Google crawl and cache the correct pages on your website is something that is a must in many circumstances.

So What is meant by canonical url well in lamens terms the reason for canoncial urls being introduced by google was to eliminate duplicate urls and pages. The potential for implementing canonical urls incorrectly is there also so it is well worth while getting an experienced web developer on board.

An example of canonical urls used in the incorrect way was when we started work on a well established ecommerce site. The site introduced review pages and contained hundreds of products so had a large number of products and category pages.

When first introduced the canonical url told google that the actual product page we wanted to get listed in order to promote the product wasnt the main page and it told google the review page was the main page to be indexed.

So for example –

my-special-product.html – had the canonical url listed of

my-special-product-review.html –

This resulted in the incorrect page being listed and set the site back months in terms of seo position so be careful. Canonical urls are without doubt the best way forward to progress your site its the future in our opinion.

If you want to remove duplicate pages then this is a fantastic way to do it.

If you still have no idea what canonical urls are then your not alone there are a number of experienced seo experts I have spoken to who still dont fully understand it and web developers scratching there heads implementing it.

Basic explanation its a way of telling google that you dont want a specific page listed as it may for example be a duplicate of an existing url.

Please post your experiences of canoncial urls below .

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