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Casino seo, Poker seo and Gambling seo

Published by on February 18, 2010

Providing Casino SEO to the Poker and Gambling Industry.

The 2nd largest indusry online is the Online gambling industry and one of the biggest generators of this industries revenues has been the affiliated industry. The increase in portals and blogs serving banner ads or text link advertisements that run on a affiliate basis has helped in a big way.

Affiliate campaigns work in two different ways the casino pays out on either a CPA basis or Rev share basis. CPA means a set fee is provided to the site owner for ever signed up player no matter how much they gamble over the lifetime of them being a player with that particular casino. Revenue share provides you with a percentage of the revenue generated from a player online and this is the most popular way of running a casino affiliate campaign. This continues over the full lifetime that the player is a member of the casino.

Seo is a great way of generating traffic but the casino industry is such a competitive industry we are now at a point where to start a fresh and crack a first page listing under a generic terms such as online casino is almost impossible. The number of incoming links that would be required to build would run into the hundreds of thousands.

Where we run seo campaigns for casino, poker and gambling clients we target longer tail keywords that are a far more realistic target. If you are looking for any help or advice in the gambling industry on seo then please contact one of our internet marketing experts. – Email Us Now

There is a great community online in the gambling industry full of people willing to lend you a hand and some advice on which affiliate programs to choose and help on any technical issues. We reccomend that you become a member of one of the top gambling forums as you will find lots of great help and advice from existing members.

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