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Category: SEO

How to Budget For SEO In 2018

Published by on January 21, 2018

Now that we’re at the end of 2017, search engine optimizers and marketers everywhere are working on establishing a budget for their 2018 goals. But with all the recent changes in SEO norms, strategies, and requirements, you may find it difficult to determine a precise dollar amount for the coming year. The purpose of this […]

Categories: SEO

5 Scaremongering tactics spoiling SEO

Published by on June 10, 2016

One of the common things I have experienced Internet agencies use in order to close new business with companies is the use of scaremongering tactics. I wanted to cover 5 that I have come across in the previous 10 years. Dont do link building you will get a Google penalty – Of course a website […]

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Google’s New Mobile Friendly Algorithm to launch

Published by on March 30, 2015

Google has confirmed it will launch a new mobile friendly algorithm in under four weeks. The search engine has confirmed that its first major update of 2015 will roll out on 21st of April. Worryingly for some, Google’s Webmaster Trends’ AZineb Ait Bahajji has gone on record at the industry trade show SMX Munich as saying […]

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Responsive Web Design – it’s more important than ever with the new Google algorithm change

Published by on March 15, 2015

Have you been delaying investing in a responsive web design? Well now is the time to ensure your website is mobile friendly. Google have announced a change to their algorithm to enhance the results of sites which are responsive, this launches on 21st April, 2015 What are the effects of the algorithm? The new responsive […]

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Google Ranking Sites with http:// Higher in Search Ranking Results

Published by on August 11, 2014

Google is constantly changing the SEO game for website owners, making it increasingly difficult to achieve the number one spot on their search results pages. The most recent change came last week, when Google announced it would now be ranking sites with ‘http://’ higher in it’s search ranking results. From now on Google will be […]

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Small Sites Can Out Rank the Big Sites Through Great Content

Published by on May 2, 2014

Small website owners often feel frustrated that they are not getting as much traffic as well-known, national or international brands, despite having better content. What can you do about it? Is there a way you will ever be able to compete with larger sites in search results? According to Google’s Matt Cutts, the answer is […]

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How to Remove a Link Penalty from Google

Published by on March 17, 2014

Over the last few years, Google has changed its approach to ranking websites, taking a harder stance on those that carry out unethical link building tactics. Some of the SEO techniques that may have worked well for you in the past may now be classed as high risk. These high risk techniques can cause you […]

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