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Category: World Internet Marketing News

How Google Glass Works

Published by on April 12, 2013

Last updated on Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Is your Domain in a Bad Neighborhood?

Published by on January 27, 2012

Detecting Bad neighbors A very important factor in optimizing a website for search engines is whether the domain is located in a bad neighborhood. This of course happens only if the hosting package is a web server (virtual server) and the IP is shared with other domains (shared hosting plan). This is usually the case […]

Google Plus comparison with Facebook

Published by on December 23, 2011

With the launch of Google’s social networking site; Google+ critics have started to compare it with Facebook. Comparison between both these websites is usual, because Google plus has evolved a lot of excitement in its initial stage. Now, many people are seeing Google plus as a big threat to Facebook, which can snatch the social […]

San Diego to Host US Online Marketing Summit

Published by on December 15, 2011

photo credit: connieassadi An annual American online marketing event produced a list of its keynote speakers this week, all of whom are experts in various arenas of the internet marketing and online advertising sector in the USA. Online Marketing Summit takes place between 6 February and 10 February 2012 in San Diego, and promises to […]

New Tech Possibilities To Watch For In 2012

Published by on December 15, 2011

No one is really certain what the new ideas of the future will unveil as of yet, considering the future isn’t really here.  We have seen how, in just three quick decades, our world has gone from cassette tapes and compact discs to digital music that can be accessed on the cloud front; we have […]

Using Social Media for Customer Service

Published by on December 10, 2011

Businesses can’t get away from social media these days. If you’re operating a start up, or managing an established business, you’ve got to have a social media campaign strategy. Many businesses are on board with using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to promote their brand, attract new clients, and hold contests in exchange for retweets, new […]

Chinese Online Marketing Firm Drops Acquisition Plans in Hong Kong

Published by on November 23, 2011

photo credit: Very Quiet The instability in the financial markets even seems to be giving the Chinese online marketing sector pause for thought at the moment, after AIM-listed internet marketing firm Geong International blamed the situation today for its decision to shelve plans to snap up Hong Kong-based online marketing rival Adbeyond. Geong provides online […]