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Conversion Tracking In Google Adwords

Published by on May 19, 2010

One of the first things we setup when setting up or taking over a google AdWords cpc campaign is conversion tracking. If you operate a e commerce site then conversion tracking is a must if you are going get the best out of your AdWords budget. I am going to give you a few examples from two different AdWords campaigns.

The first campaign was already¬†setup and we ran into the same old problem where keywords were packed into irrelevant ad groups and had very poor quality scores. Now quality scores and CT R’s (Click through rates) are one thing but conversions can in some cases throw these out of the window. You could have one of the best performing keywords and ad groups but if after a period of 3 months the cost per conversion is poor and leaving you with no return on investment then don’t be afraid of pausing it.

If you don’t have conversion tracking installed it is like tying one hand behind your back from the start. If you are unsure of how conversion tracking is installed consider getting in touch with reputable Internet marketing experts. This way it can be installed correctly and they can pay for themselves with the savings generated.

The second campaign was a complete new setup so ad groups were setup correctly the ads were written to generate good Click Through Ratios. Conversion Tracking helped us establish an average cost per conversion and we could adjust ad groups and bidding accordingly. In terms of percentages the savings conversion tracking has made is at 30%

If you consider this over a month or years spend on AdWords its easy to see the benefits. It could stack up to literally thousands of pounds in savings.

Ok lets say you don’t have an e commerce site conversion tracking can still be setup to track emails, sign ups or any other specific goals you may have via your website make setting up conversion tracking a priority for your AdWords success.

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