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Customer Care a Priority for Online Marketing

Published by on March 14, 2011

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An internet marketing expert has urged businesses with an online presence to ensure that they offer the very best in customer service.

Wolff Olins retail strategist Suzy Radcliffe said that too many retailers forget about providing top-class customer support when planning their online marketing and online advertising campaigns – preferring to focus instead on making their products or services widely available and maximising the possibility of sales.

Ms Radcliffe stressed that such priorities were of course important for any company seeking to maximise returns via internet marketing, but insisted that the best in customer service also helped firms to secure more sales through customer satisfaction and loyalty.

She cited a recent YouGov survey, which revealed that 84 per cent of customers buying online would never come again to a first-time website if they felt they had received bad customer service.

“That is a really fruitful area for retailers to start building brand loyalty and brand advocates by offering superb customer service,” Ms Radcliffe added, recommending that online companies should respond swiftly to any customers’ queries or complaints and ensure that problems were dealt with efficiently.

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