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Published by on December 12, 2012


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We caught up with Gill Montero (centre of the picture above) at Discover Laser to find out her views on social media –

1. How long have you been in business and what exactly do you do ? 

We started Discover laser Ltd in Dec 2007, so 5 years- we are a medical-cosmetic clinic offering treatments for rejuvenation, problem skin, excessive hair, unwanted tattoos, body contouring and hair loss and more. 2013 will be a landmark year for us as we relocate our clinic into the very successful and prestigious Crow Wood leisure and health club in 100 acres of beautiful Burnley countryside.

2. Have you always run your own business and would you class yourself as an entrepreneur ?

No. My husband (the clinics doctor, Dr Miguel Montero) had been working with lasers in medicine for years, starting off with TouchUpLaser (Touch Up Laser’s homepage) and was excited by all the possible applications of this technology. It seemed a natural thing to progress into this ever developing field of medicine and for us to start our own clinic. I don’t necessarily think of us as entrepreneurial but we have invested in the latest technology and continue to do so. He particularly likes to be innovative and is currently doing a clinical study of the affects of Co2 injections to relieve the symptoms.

3. How do you see social media playing a part in your business in the future ?

In the not too distant future, we’ll hit a generation of people who have never lived without it. We need to prepare to engage more with our patients this way than we do now. I see review sites becoming especially important so reputation management over the internet should become an everyday part of managing our business too. Twitter, facebook ,blogs etc are now the norm when it comes to communication and businesses need to use this to their advantage.

4. How do you see social media playing a positive part in the local community ?

I think it could have an impact socially- look at what happened over last summers riots, but it wont always be negative. I’d like to think it could be a force for good but we need to be aware of rumour and have a way of making sure we are dealing in facts and not just internet gossip.

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