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Ecommerce and Internet Marketing its time ..

Published by on July 16, 2010

Its time for a easy solution to both many companies in the UK offer a fantastic e commerce platform but the hidden mystery’s of SEO and Internet Marketing are still very much left to Internet marketing companies. But in real terms for the individual moving into e commerce as a solution to expand there existing business it really can be a nightmare in not only finding all the pieces to the Jigsaw puzzle in the first place but also getting them in the right positions to achieve the bigger picture which is a successful e commerce site ranking well on all the major search engines.

It is time in our opinion for the void between these two markets to be filled literally years are being wasted and hundreds of thousands of pounds are as we speak being pumped into the Internet marketing industry in the wrong areas by companies. First things first get the right e commerce solution that is going to allow for long term development something that is going to keep up to date with the constantly evolving force that is the Internet. A Perfect gauge of this is the recent surge in Social Networking sites such as face book and twitter. Does you online shop all people to share your product on facebook.

Don’t discount open source content management solutions such as Word press for example with a force of thousands of developers across the globe keeping up to date with new trends wont be a problem.

Then we come to the age old problem of many a companies life finding the right seo and cost click agency that you can trust. The company must have results available to prove there SEO prowess otherwise stay well clear it doesn’t have to be a major Internet marketing agency either many of the smaller companies out there offer an excellent service and you will benefit from a more personal approach. The smaller Internet marketing companies or agencies staff take it as there own personal goal to get your page listed on the first page.

In an ideal world you could look for a Internet Marketing company that has there very own e commerce (CMS) Content management system you will benefit from years of development and fixes it really will fast forward your companies presence online. In terms of percentages I would say as high as 80% of the online shops success will rely on the Internet marketing so it makes sense to look to an Internet marketing company for the solutions. In terms of parallels an online shop not listed on the first page of google is the equivilent of having your physical shop positioned in Timbucktoo if listed on Googles first page for a top keyword your site could enjoy the same number of visits as a shop in Oxford Circus London.

An example of a Internet marketing companies ecommerce solution

Ecommerce example from an Internet Marketing Company

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