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Ecommerce needs video to progress

Published by on December 13, 2010

Picture the scene your SEO work is going well your happy with the conversion rates of your google AdWords campaigns. Your site is generating good levels of traffic and sales. 

How else do you improve your e commerce sites ?

One source totally un tapped by lots of companies and being used by more and more companies is You tube. If used correctly You tube can be used to generate large levels of relevant traffic to your website and help provide a more informed view to any potential customers on your website. The use of “un boxing style videos” are a fantastic way of providing a detailed view of a product. If this video was used with the purpose of informing the customer of a particular product and also showing exactly what the item looked like your improving the customer experience.

The informed customer knows exactly what item they are going to purchase and doesn’t have to rely on stock photographs used by other retailers.  Alongside any standard image should be a informative video that shows in detail the item being sold this has been proven to improve bounce rates  and costs to conversions. When it comes to the crunch a more informative site that lists an item has a much better chance of generating a sale and new customer.

There is no doubt certain retail industries will benefit more than others that goes without question. A industry such as promotional gifts it suited perfectly to this not only can you see a stock image on the page but you can also see a video detailing how exactly a personalised golf ball for example will look with a logo printed in black and white or colour. Quite frankly the scope is massive and it is only a matter of time before industies such as promotional gifts have each of there items listed and videos optimised for the search listings taking advantage of this huge marketing niche online.

What video and especially personalised company video shows more importantly to new customers is that you care about your customers and want to inform them totally on any purchase. It is something worth seriously considering for 2011 to keep ahead of the pack online.

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