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EU Cookies Directive Threatens Effectiveness of Online Marketing

Published by on November 8, 2011

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Online marketing professionals have warned that a forthcoming European Union directive could hamper the effectiveness of internet advertising campaigns, due to the restrictions it will place on the use of web cookies.

Although the directive does not ban the use of cookies, it requires brands and marketing companies to obtain consumers informed consent before they can use them on their websites or for online advertising.

In a survey by affilinet, just 12 per cent of marketing professionals thought that they could successfully engage their customer base without tracking web site visits through the use of cookies on mobile devices and computers. Last year, this believe was shared by 35 per cent of respondents – showing how many have woken up to the invaluable online marketing role played by cookies.

Researchers warned that the cookie directive, which comes into effect next May, could lead to companies spending less money on internet advertising because its restrictions make it harder to measure their adverts’ effectiveness.

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