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Facebook and Amazon Create the Future of E-Commerce

Published by on June 22, 2011

Creative Commons License photo credit: bfishadow


The future of online marketing is likely to be e-commerce – at least that is what online retail giant Amazon and social networking phenomenon Facebook seem to think.

Facebook has already pioneered the use of “virtual shopfronts,” whereby businesses and entrepeneurs set up their own fan pages with links to their online shops. However, the website is also at the forefront of the move towards working closely with off-network stores, presenting even more opportunities for smart online marketing and internet advertising initiatives.

Amazon and Facebook have worked in partnership for a while now, and the beta version is showing great promise and popularity. What makes this of particular interest to online marketing professionals is the enhanced capacity for recommendations. Already very important for online businesses, adding Facebook’s social and consumer information to another business’s internet marketing strategy helps fine-tune recommendations and boosts sales and conversions.

The social information also creates more reasons for customers to buy goods and services, thanks to integration of information about birthdays, weddings and other celebrations into a customer’s profile. Amazon and Facebook are leading the way, where smart online marketing professionals are only bound to follow.


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