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Facebook Fan Pages Introduce New Source

Published by on October 9, 2010

Facebook as we all know has become the latest Internet Phenomenon and its easy to see why. One of the initial problems for early facebook users were the introduction of there own business’s on Facebook and the introduction of the Facebook fan page which can be used to promote anything from a local business, band or even a celebrity. The pages have the functionality that comes with the original person page but provide people the ability to click the like button and become a follower of there news feeds.

We have been using a combination of both Facebook like pages and personal profiles to promote several different industries online and if you are looking for a way of generating interest and traffic we can fully reccomend a Facebook fan page. The main advantages of your own fan page is the ability to suggest your existing stock of friends plus integrate and promote the page via Facebook cost per click and the integration of a Fan box on your site so people can see your are on facebook.

If you are a company looking to be listed on Facebook a fan page would be ideal and is always being improved by the development of a wide selection of plugins so keeping up to date is essential. Increasing the numbers of friends and followers is not an easy task and there are no short cuts which is reminiscent of SEO in many ways. Social networking is something you have to hang in for the long haul but once you put that effort in you will be rewarded by a self serving in many circumstances community online where you can update and promote your company for free so it is well worth the effort.

Consider becoming a news source social networking is unique no longer do people go out looking for the news the news reaches them. This principal once understood can be used to your advantage take advantage of statue updates, Tagging Photos and news feeds to constantly engage with your audience and you wont go far wrong.

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