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Facebook Fan Pages Is Your Company Lagging Behind ?

Published by on May 12, 2011

Facebook Best Practice: Custom Landing Pages
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Do you want to know some of the secrets to getting the most out of Facebook Fan pages for your business ?

If so read on and let us give you a honest account and recommended approach to delivering a successful Social media campaign via Facebook. You may not already know but one way of getting instant “likes” and an increased number of followers on your page would be by investing in sponsored listings. The listings are great as they can be highly targeted. Lets take an example of a Wurlitzer Jukebox company who could target people that have stated they have an interest in Music.

So you already have the fan page and are targeting your audience but how do you make your page interesting and how do you get people to return to the page on a regular basis. The first thing to think about is updating it using a regular updated blog feed and there are many RSS displayers available on Facebook which will update automatically for you.

Do regular updates on the page and get involved with the followers on the page. Keep in your Face sales man tactics to a minimum no one likes things being forced upon them via there Facebook news feeds. Get a nice design for the profile and include nice designs on static html pages in order to make it more personalised. Personal messages are also a great way of getting in touch with people and good shares of interesting news stories.

If unsure of exactly how you can make the most out of Facebook and you are not technically minded then leave this to the professional internet marketing professionals. Do take care when purchasing Facebook advertising for the fan page from an internet marketing agency. You will find some companies will sell this on a impression basis and make large mark ups on the original prices available.

I am willing to put my internet marketing credentials on the line and say the number of followers you have on your Facebook fan pages will be as important a source or internet traffic as a Google adwords campaign or Googles natural listings currently are.

Now is the ideal time to start increasing your followers so you don’t let your company lag behind the others in your industry.

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