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facebook groups

Published by on November 10, 2009

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are another great way of helping raise awareness of your companies profile. Again as with the vast majority of social networking sites the service is free of charge. If you have an existing facebook page for personal use it is also a great way of separating business from family and friends.

Groups have one massive benefit over a standard facebook profile and that is the ability to request sign ups on a large scale as opposed to having to accept individual friend request you can practically invite hundreds of facebook users to a group with a click of a button. Lets say for example you open a group with your existing personal facebook page which has a equal combination of friends from business and your personal life. You can actually choose all the users one by one and eliminating people who the group would serve no interest.

Another aspect which hasnt been mention is the use of follow us on facebook on your site. Not only does having this on your site provide a link to a massive online brand. But it also adds all the connotations that come with facebook of being fresh, new and up and coming and this will only add to you companies image online.

Facebook Groups Case Study

Lets us inform you of one of our case studies a football fans forum called the forum has the aim of generating discussion online on New premier league team Burnley football club. Indeed already on facebook there ideal captive audience was already available with a combination of other burnley fans groups.

In a matter of four weeks the forum has gone from 0 views to 7000 plus per months on the back of this initial concept. We even have the stats to prove it via google analytics –

Facebook Groups Traffic

Facebook Groups Traffic


Notice on the traffic in August prior to launch and the current users attracted to the facebook group and captured daily via the RSS News feed that feeds facebook.

An Impressive 12,575 page views .



Regardless of your industry whether you run a online shop or provide a service you can use social networking advertising for your company. Already there are existing facebook groups that contain your target audience and can be targeted using a RSS feed and a facebook group. If you would like further information on our rates to complete this for your company then simply call out free phone number or email us.

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