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The Fifa World Cup effecting Internet Marketing

Published by on June 11, 2010

The build up is nearly over and football fans across the world are ready to follow there countries in front of there televisions as usual. There is however one big difference from the World Cup in 2010 compared to the one 4 years ago in Germany. The biggest advance between this world cup and previous is the advance of the Internet the users in past world cups would read articles following the games. But now people will be online and interacting live on social networking sites such as facebook and twitter.

Just how often will the hashtag #worldcup be used over the next 6 weeks and how are companies taking advantage of this added interest. The obvious contenders have already shown there colours the Supermarkets with there television and Beer offers who have followed that into the online arena. Companies need to embrace the World cup and think about how that can be an advantage to there companies via the internet .

If you are an online shop why not consider providing a special World cup offer how about a special offer for ever goal England score. This is something that can go wrong so do be careful many online betting companies have tried such offers in the past only for it to back fire. A famous Uk bookmaker paid out on all bets before the end of the Premier league only for things to change at the end of the season and leave them out of pocket.

There is no harm in dressing up your website with a St Georges cross if its good enough for 10 downing street then why not. Expect increases in Social networking online and the companies that make the most of this medium will without doubt earn thousands in income for there perspective companies.

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