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Four Routes to the Right Facebook Fan Pages

Published by on February 26, 2012

Facebook fan pages are a key component of online marketing efforts in 2012, having been steadily growing in popularity over the past two years. Consumers like Facebook fan pages because they are an easy way to interact with their favourite brands, and internet marketing professionals love the ease with which a successful fan page can create connections, drive traffic and create conversions. The only problem is that with so many Facebook fan pages now in existence, it can be difficult to find the right one.

Here, then, are four online tools dedicated to helping users locate the right fan pages:

The Page Finder

This index of Facebook fan pages is generated by Facebook users themselves, and as you might expect is massive, with more than a million different pages registered. However, it is easily searchable, thanks to pages being organised by locations and tags, before being sorted in alphabetical and popularity rankings.

Fan Page List

Another site with a good system of sorting options, the Fan Page List also lists top brands to be found on FourSquare and Twitter. When it comes to Facebook, there are a vast number of pages indexed for brands and products, as well as for other categories – such as celebrities, sports stars, bands and much more.

Discover Facebook Pages

Created by Facebook itself, this browser organises fan pages based on the user’s location and categorises them via a range of options, such as Brands and Products, Companies and Organisations, Local Businesses and Places, People, Television, Movies and Music. Pages that Facebook friends particularly like show up when the user is logged into Facebook themselves.

Directory of Facebook Pages

Another Facebook creation, this site is an alphabetised directory of fan pages, people, apps and groups. For this resource it is essential to be logged on to Facebook, otherwise searches come up with lists of users rather than pages.

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