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Fresh Internet Marketing Ideas For 2012

Published by on January 14, 2012

If you are an aggressive internet marketer that has been trying many different modes to push your products or services over the last decade, you have probably seen that some methods work, and some do not. We have seen the near virtual death of link building through FFA’s and other illegitimate means while seeing the rise of content creation needs spring up to cater to search engine query changes. And, of course, there is the mad dash for social media visibility to deal with. If you are looking for several steadfast yet simplistic ways to get your message across in the dawn of new innovations in internet marketing, you need to ditch your old school efforts and pay attention to this article. Not only have we tested these trends ourselves, but we have the experience to boot – something many new internet marketing professionals lack.

When marketing anything to the world or local levels, you first need to step back and see the trends of buyers, searches and gauge from that point what the most methodical approach would be. Using the Google Keyword research tool is perhaps the best and most accurate approach to this – along with Microsoft’s comparable service. Seeing who is searching for what can offer a huge boost when matching your offerings to what is actually being searched. Newcomers to the internet marketing scene tend to have a lackadaisical approach to this, assuming that their product or service will appeal instantly to the masses; this type of approach will not only drop your sales potential, but could leave your website open to traffic that shoots your bounce rate through the stratosphere. Targeting the exact audience – albeit small or large – will allow you to get the incremental sales and direct traffic from parties that are actually interested in what you are offering.

Using social media for your internet marketing needs is somewhat getting out of control. People assume that if you have a large following that you have some ‘clout’ and are a viable source of a product. However, are you actually engaging your following? Having regular direct conversations gives people a sense of wanton rather than feeling obligated to buy from you and leave you alone. Therefore, if you plan to use social media to push your wares, it would behoove you to actual engage your audience or following and keep your Tweets or Wall Posts relevant and conversational, offering open-ended questions for your following to competitively answer.

Affiliate linkage is not completely dead, but Google will no longer take an affinity for your site if you have splattered your widgets or pages with tons of offers; having relevant content and perhaps one historically high converting offer would be your best bet and, from there, you can rotate the offers as you see fit. Once again, you website or blog’s goal needs to be centered around readable, viable and original content with a minimal use of Javascript. Pictures should be optimized with anchored text and needs to be relevant to the content. Your RSS feeds need to be descriptive and not spammed with affiliate linkage, either.

Internet marketing can still work if you take a more tactical and serious approach to optimization. Using the tips above, although brief, are going to work wonders for your overall campaigning needs and provide incremental success if you are on top of your business game.

Greg Henderson, a California-based businessman with over 11 years in SEO/SEM, provided this piece based on personal endeavors and education in search engine optimization with a concentration on content optimization for the social media future. His current projects include a background checks website Easy Background Checks as well as a marriage records website Genealinks.

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