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Gambling ppc

Published by on November 13, 2009

Gambling PPC how things have improved.

Like me starting out in the Internet marketing business all those years ago in the late 90’s one of the biggest constants has always remained and continues to grow the prominence of the online gambling industry . Before Google adwords allowed Gambling advertisers in the UK online casinos and poker rooms were forced to scrap between themselves for tenancy banner positions and other smaller CPM or CPC networks.

How things really have changed with the advent and popularity of google adwords and other social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter the avenues in generating traffic does not just fall withing the mystic unknowns of the art of SEO for gambling traffic.

A casino, poker room ,sports betting or online bingo client can now enjoy the full rewards of Google AdWords CPC or PPC advertising. By simply searching online casino on google, it will show you the best slots to play and make sure it’s all legitimate sites to play. One of the main disadvantages to having the initial run of allowing gambling traffic is a large build up of new campaigns that all require one thing optimization. Many cpc campaigns can be optimized to save so much money for gambling advertisers.

We know this for one simple reason the amount gambling companies have to pay per click. The competition on adwords in this industry is so fierce that many are losing literally thousands of pounds on keywords that are not generating a good return on investment through poor setup and lack of conversion tracking and google analytics.

Gambling PPC

Gambling PPC

Improving gambling ppc return on investment.

If you are considering testing adwords for your gambling site or your clients gambling site do consider the budget first of all that you have available it really is worth investing at least a minimum of five to ten thousand pounds at least. This way we can determin what keywords perform best for your campaign and gradually get your traffic flow as opposed to struggling with a small budget that will last only a few days.

Our full optimisation of google adwords campaign back up by our google adowrds professional individual inhouse continues to imporve campaigns in many different industries. Contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements. Email to get more details information on the costings involved on Gambling PPC campaigns.

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