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Google Adwords Campaigns being Specific is Important

Published by on June 15, 2010

Over the past few months it has been brought to our attention from several existing AdWords customers how people can sometimes be guilty of wearing blinkers when it comes to the setup and running of there campaigns. The use of a main generic keyword is fine and it will always be the case that these keywords will generate the vast majority of traffic for your campaigns. This doesn’t mean that more specific searches and product keywords should be discounted due to there lower volumes.

What is important when running your adwords campaigns is to think more about the cost per conversion. Time and time again on campaigns over several different industries the main generic keywords due to there competition from other advertisers always have a higher cost per conversion than a more longer tail phrase or specific product keyword. It is logical the more generic the keyword the higher the chance of a conversion the more specific the better.

Say for example we are targeting the keyword of flowers. A user comes along who wants purple flowers but you only have red flowers for sale. Right away there is a wasted click now I know this is a very simplistic example but this can be applied to any industry online with many varients. 

Now there will always be an element of the balancing act and we are by no means suggesting ditching your favoured high traffic generating terms but adding to the campaign with a selection of more specific keywords linked to specific items will cost a lot less per conversion.  This is where conversion tracking is important and where having an online shop and google adwords professional can be so helpful.

So how does conversion tracking work ? Well put simply a piece of tracking code is placed on the checkout page of the online shop or perhaps the thanks for your enquiry form. This way we can determine exactly the cost per conversion of a keyword. This way we can know for a fact “generic keyword 1” costs for example £20 per conversion and “specific keyword 1” costs £15 per conversion and you can see for a fact how generic and specific keywords work in generating conversions.

Right now a competitor will be using a range of specific keywords and generating sales in your industry for a lot less than you are having to pay for your main generic keyword. Now Specific terms will probably not reach the heights of the generic term with volume but if you could get a sale on your site for less money it makes logical sense and it would be complete madness not to embrace specific and longer tail keywords on your google AdWords campaigns.

Don’t be left behind with your AdWords campaigns the amount of money you could save over a 12 month period could run into thousands depending on your budget. The savings of 10 to 20% are not uncommon from the use of conversion tracking on an AdWords campaign. We have experienced this first hand and have the statistics to prove it.

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