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Google Adwords on Fixed Fee Beware !

Published by on January 27, 2010

Over the past few months it has been brought to our attention an increasing number of marketing companies selling google adwords cpc on a fixed fee for 1st page positions. Following a constant flow of companies and after speaking to a number of sales men at these companies I felt it was our duty to try and inform the Uk business community the full ins and outs of this concept.

Put simply companies or agencies no matter how large cannot get google adwords at a lower fee than yourselves. If you were to open a google account tomorrow the same prices would apply. So I would like to put to bed this statement that companies can somehow receive a wholesale batch fee on fixed adwords placements it is simply not true.

I decided to get this 100% confirmed by my contact at Google Ireland and it was ” You cannot purchase adwords on a fixed fee on the first page of google” and “these companies are lieing” it was explained. So how exactly does it work and why are these companies selling adwords in this way.

Well to start with doesn’t it sound great you can be listed on google for a set fee for a choice of a few phrases ! If it was true we would be the first people doing it. But when you look into it the cracks begin to appear firstly the keyword or phrases that you choose are they going to be generic well used keywords I think not. The use of regional and long tail keywords that will give you a first page listing but wont deliver a massive amount of traffic is the way these companies operate.

Put simply these companies need to make money somehow I cannot speak for the way in which these companies use there funds received but the funds will not be used 100% on your google ads. Which is why being 100% transparent and knowing exactly where your spend is going is so important if you are considering google AdWords as a means of advertising for your company.

If you have experienced any problems with similar fixed fee google adwords offers please post your experiences below.

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