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Google Adwords Preview Tool

Published by on November 13, 2009

Google Adwords Preview Tool

If you use google AdWords already with us and like to check where your ads are positioned during the day. We would recommend you use a specific tool tailored for the job. When you check your ads online again and again you are adding impressions to you ads and reducing the click through ratios. Which in turn will reduce the quality score of the ads.

Also when you check again and again, google made changes a few years ago to AdWords as you are checking your ads and no doubt wont click on them this then results in your ads not displaying on searches as they are deemed as not being revevant to your search. We had a large number of customers that had this problem and had to provide a link to the adword preview tool.

So please do be careful not to over do it when checking your google adwords cpc advertisements it can have a negative effect on your campaign and in the long run cost you money.

links to google adwords preview tool

Why not try to see your google ads on the adwords preview tool above. Another factor to consider which may be totally unrelated to the point made above is your daily click budget and they way your ads are delivered throughout the day. As this can be in most cases be the main reason for you google ads not displaying when you search.

Google evenly spreads your daily budget throughout the day so if you have a low budget in comparison to the daily amount of traffic provided it can result in ads displaying intermittently throughout the day.

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