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Google Authorship Uncovered

Published by on June 24, 2013

Its been around for years now but as with all of the Google updates and additional features it can take time for webmasters to fully understand the benefits before upgrading. Google Authorship gives you the ability to atribute the author of a post and display an image in the search results. As with all these features it does have its search engine benefits just visually your search result will stand out from the crowd in the listings and this will result in more clicks on your listing.

So is it simple to setup and install ?

1. Rel “Author” Code – This is the code that will help your image display in the search listings.

Rel Author


See here how Carrie Ann Sudlow links back to her Google plus profile page. If you click on her name you will see Carries profile.

So what is the code ?

<link href=”” rel=”author” />

You add this code between the <head> tags on your page. You paste the url of your profile within this code. The second part is within your Google plus profile you add yourself as a contributor to the blog your adding content so –




Click edit profile then add yourself as a contributor to the website or blog you have added the Rel Author code. The loop is then completed Google can see your linked and will then start displaying your image next to the search results.

2. Rel Publisher Code – The idea behind the Publisher code is to link up your companies Google plus page to your website. The benefits of this are search engine optimisation wise and you will also get a new display box at the side of the listings.

<link href=”” rel=”publisher” /> (Simply add the url of your google plus page here)

google publisher code


You can check you have the code added correctly by checking the Google rich snippet tool.

Ok I want to add this code but I want to pass it to my Web developers will it cost a lot to update ?

No it should take around 15 minutes to complete and setup. You should be paying around £50 to £100 for this task at the most.

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