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Google Likely to Refuse Social Networking Ads

Published by on January 11, 2011

An online marketing expert said recently that search engine giant Google is very unlikely to allow advertising hosted by social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Bigmouthmedia head of strategy Andrew Girdwood argued that allowing social networks’ ads on Google’s pages would weaken the company’s own position.

Currently, Google is carrying adverts from the Twitter network to a limited extent – allowing promotional Tweets to be carried by its Realtime search engine, but not its main one.

Social networking is widely seen as the next frontier for online advertising as it is the perfect environment for viral and search-based marketing campaigns. The total spend on online marketing efforts in the sector is estimated next year to rise from £130 million to £275 million.

Another future platform for online marketing is the internet television, according to Screen Digest.

The magazine’s head of broadband Dan Cryan said that more people are likely to start using internet TVs for general surfing, while privacy issues will keep the majority of social networking on computers.

The shift is likely to cause a fresh look at the way online marketing takes place – for a start, internet TVs are going to be watched by multiple viewers at once.

The number of internet televisions in circulation is set to boom in the next few years, according to DisplaySearch. In a recent report, the analysts said that over 122 million internet-ready TVs will be in households by 2014.

The fast pace of change in both technology and online habits is a constant, if refreshing, challenge for marketing workers.

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