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Google Maps Business Listing

Published by on November 17, 2009

Google Maps business listings not to be underestimated.

As standard when setting up a business once the website is completed people think nothing of the free google maps listing and complete this with it being a free product in most cases not very seriously. I must admit until a few months ago I was to of the opinion that google maps was nothing more than a free gimmick from google for local companies who may find it useful that provide a particular service for example a garage for mots.

Being a company based in an office and speaking to nearly 99% of our customers over the phone or email I cold quite get the who google maps thing. But when you consider the number of local phrase searches made on google the final piece in the jigsaw falls into place with google maps.

To help you fully understand the potential of a google maps listing for your company here is a little case study –

The localised phrase we are considering for this is “furniture london” this triggers the Google maps listings

Furniture london on Google maps

Furniture london on Google maps

A massive 165,000 searches were made on google in October.  Now lets take a look at the listings currently in the google maps positions –
Your Furniture company could appear here.

Your Furniture company could appear here.

Notice not one listing is optimised for the “furniture london” phrase . This is just one small example of the potential of using our Google maps optimization service . Prices start as little as £99 and this optimisation service has been proven to deliver great results online with many satisfied customers.
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