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Google Reveals Latest Update is ‘Penguin’

Published by on May 1, 2012

The latest updates to the Google algorithm have now been officially named Penguin by the search engine giant, and continue to have major effects on the way that SEO marketing is carried out.

Since the previous update was dubbed Panda by Google, this simply continues its tradition of giving cute animal names to the no-nonsense tweaks it has been undertaking in a bid to weed out sites which try and exploit the rankings system through methods other than original written content.

Online marketing professionals have been concerned by some of the effects of the updates, which have led to the severe downranking of some bona fide sites on Google, while other less legitimate ones have moved far up.

Some online marketing companies that specialise in SEO have even called Penguin “the Titanic”, after the way it has sunk previously strong websites below the waterline, but the more forward-thinking professionals are rising to the challenge and seeking to discover what Google looks for to make the distinction between genuine content and spam.

The key, as with most online marketing, lies in ensuring that you seek quality original content over short-term boosting tricks – no matter how many times Google moves the goalposts, quality will out.



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