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Google SEO Positions and Your Facebook Followers

Published by on October 14, 2010

Social networking site Facebook is such a dominant force today that the days when the importance of your google natural listings were the paramount for companies online are gone. People will not just ask Where are you ranked on google but how many followers do you have on your facebook fan page. As analysis has been made between the old foes of CPC and SEO over the years and there shorter term and longer terms gains available in each instance. Research into the longerterm benifits of Facebook pages in terms of traffic generation are there to be seen and its easy to see why this constant ever evolving source of traffic is so worthwhile looking into for the longer term gains.

Facebooks fundamental difference in comparison with Google is the roles are reversed in many circumstances. Using Google the user searches for there particular item where as on facebook the item finds them via news and shared links on there profile feeds. On Facebook the news and products find the individuals a major shift and it is this shift that once recognised can mean a massive increase in your traffic via facebook.

In a comparison lets take the value of 9000 followers on your facebook fan page the value of these followers is almost impossible to list because you have the advantage of the next 50 years to contact these people via facebook . Many smaller companies are taking advantage of this new source and it enables many smaller companies in industries to take a leap ahead of there larger competitors.

Facebook really is here to stay !

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