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Google Universal Think Beyond Web Search

Published by on January 18, 2010

Using Google Universal as a way of generating traffic

In the times of the credit crunch and the worst recession in living memory in is important to remember with your online marketing you can achieve results not just in the conventional ways on google. As has been said before there is more than one way to skin a cat. This couldn’t be more true today with online marketing especially with google first page listings which we all strive for online.

You may offer a service or product it doesn’t matter you can apply these same principals to your company to improve the visibility online. To break things up and get to the point a search result page on google is made up of several different sections.

Lets leave bog standard search results and Google adwords cpc to one side and focus on other sources of traffic.

Google Universal means of getting a first page result

1. Google Maps results from local search – You can generate good levels of traffic from these by getting them properly manipulated to a particular search result that applies to your business and more importantly is being searched.

2. Google Images – On many searches Google displays the top images for that result so get tagging your images its common sense and doesn’t cost a penny so no excuses.

3. Blog Search – The blog search results displays the results taken from blogs posted across the globe.

4. Google News – Submit a press release and get listed on the google news section you could appear on the news section on the first page of the search results.

5. Live Search – As already mentioned earlier sites like twitter are now displaying search results on google live.

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