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Google Updates to Have Impact on SEO Marketing Methods

Published by on April 24, 2012

Recently, search engine giant Google has been issuing updates which have the potential to drastically change the way online marketing professionals carry out their link-building.

Link-building is especially important in SEO marketing campaigns, and Google’s latest changes mean curtains for so-called “un-natural” or “inorganic” links.

Google has itself condemned what it deems “over-optimised” sites, although it has been less eager to explain exactly what it means by this. What is certain, however, is that SEO marketing experts will need to take heed and focus not only on the amount of backlinks on a given site, but who is linking to it.

Another knock-on effect of Google’s changes is the increased need for online marketing efforts to focus on shareable content, such as blog posts or videos. These attract more “organic” links and will find favour with the search engine’s increasingly picky algorithms. The future is all about sharing – and all about not just the quantity of linkbacks, but the quality too.



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