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Google’s New look shows internet’s evolution

Published by on May 10, 2010

Over the past 2 weeks google has evolved before our very eyes I would like to give you our experts view on the changes and the effects they may have on any future searches. First things first is the new smoother look logo and square search boxes this brings the homepage up to date and looks great in my opinion. It still keeps the minimalist look and feel of the original google we all know and love.

The next change and the most interesting change from our point of view looking at it from an online marketing point of view are the new collection of search options now visible on the left hand side of the search page. The introduction of quick buttons to the news and blog results along with the more prominent live search results that include the increasingly popular twitter updates.

As we see it we are seeing a evolution from the standard production of html pages on websites and there inclusion in the natural listings as being the main source of results to a move towards live feeds. The integration of RSS feeds, blogs and twitter and most importantly there popularity has seen google quite rightly move towards there integration to keep google up to date in 2010.

The popularity of Facebook and the live feed ability has I am sure not gone unnoticed and its great to see google keeping up to date with the times and not being stubborn and embracing this new exciting side of the Internet. One more large change we have seen has been the larger number of related searches being displayed on search results.

The concept being if you were to search for a generic term such as “football” for instance you will receive a collection of the top 8 other related searches. This is becoming more and more prominent on all searches and is giving more strength to the longer tailed search phrases adding another string to companies SEO strategies and helping spread the traffic to a more specific result.

So how is this going to effect your business ? Well if you are not blogging on a regular basis it is seriously worth considering it is not too late to get on the blogging wagon and begin your companies social networking campaigns no matter what industry or whether you provide a product or service.

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