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Google’s New Mobile Friendly Algorithm to launch

Published by on March 30, 2015

Google has confirmed it will launch a new mobile friendly algorithm in under four weeks. The search engine has confirmed that its first major update of 2015 will roll out on 21st of April.

Worryingly for some, Google’s Webmaster Trends’ AZineb Ait Bahajji has gone on record at the industry trade show SMX Munich as saying that the algorithm will be much more impactful and have a bigger effect on the search engine results pages (SERPs) than its predecessors Penguin and Panda had.

Following widespread concerns, Google has taken to Google Hangouts to clarify some of the issues and dispel some of the rumours currently swirling. One such clarification is that the algorithm won’t drop all on one day – instead the search engine has said that it deployment process will be done over a period of up to one week.

The Hangout briefing also made one point clear; you either run a mobile friendly website, or you don’t. The implication is that the algorithm will take no prisoners, so web owners of non-mobile optimised sites need to be prepared for a major SERPs drop when the algorithm does roll out. Helpfully, Google has given some guidance as to what it will be looking for. In its Hangout session is citied size of font and closeness of links or buttons as well as degree of readable content and viewpoint.

However, the Hangout session offered ahead of the launch also closed with a word of warning – that there are over 200 factors making up ranking so a simple yes or no answer wasn’t possible.

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