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Google’s Panda Update Sends Shockwaves Across the Search Rankings

Published by on April 18, 2011

Creative Commons License photo credit: angela n.

In the ever competitive and evolving world of online marketing, the inception of searh engine Google’s new ‘Panda’ update has seen a number of previous front-runners in the UK Technology news site business drop down in the search engine’s rankings quite dramatically.

Designed to streamline internet advertising, Google’s Panda system has been created with the sole purpose of downgrading the rankings of sites that plagiarise content from other web pages. However, not all online marketing and internet advertising sites will be affected, with many, including Google’s own YouTube and other popular websites such as Vimeo, The Mirror and The Independent seeing a projected rise in their rankings.

Having now been rolled out to all English language countries and with further expansion in the pipeline, this new scheme will see some major demotions for previously highly ranked online advertising sites, including predicted 99 per cent-plus losses for sites such as and, with and seeing estimated rises of 40 per cent or more in international rankings (statistics from

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