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Guest Blog Posts Explained

Published by on July 10, 2013

One of the most difficult challenges that we have faced constantly over the past 5 years has been finding good sources of back links for clients sites and our own websites. The Google Algorithm updates would you be believe since 2007 total a whopping 82 so the goal posts have been constantly changing which has meant tactics such as using directories for example have become ineffective.

It is technically against google guidelines to purchase links but it isnt against Google guidelines to agree a trade of articles between webmasters on blogs or news sites. It also is still fine to purchase sponsorships of sports clubs or individuals.

So how do you go about getting guest blog posts ?

The best source for gaining Guest Blog posts is My Blog (watch the video below for more information). It works a treat and continues to deliver sustained, long lasting rankings for many of our clients.

my blog guest

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