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Is Your IT Infrastructure Volcano Proof ?

Published by on September 6, 2014

You may remember the Icelandic volcano crisis of 4 years ago, well bad news maybe on the horizon with rumblings from Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano.

The question is though is your IT infrastructure ready and “volcano proof”?

The importance of remote working

Imagine the scenario, you are abroad and all the planes are grounded due to volcanic ash – would you still want to be able to work? Well remote working enables this.

Enabling remote working means that business owners and employees have access to vital software, emails, Skype and other important files wherever they happen to be.

So where does volcano proofing come in?

To volcano proof your IT infrastructure we’d recommend, setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or enabling dial in working and implementing cloud based technology solutions, we discuss these below.

Bardarbunga, September 4th – is your IT infrastructure ready?

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network enables employees to gain access to company files and systems. The VPN needs to be set-up by specialists (like us here at Online Media Direct). It’s critical to ensure encryption if in place for all incoming and outgoing web communications. The VPN is available from any location, so if you or your employees are stranded abroad this will prove more than useful.

Dial in Working

If you’re not comfortable with the security implications of VPN or want something simpler then you could implement dial in working. This method uses Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure and allows users to access a remote server to gain access to company files/information, etc.

Cloud Based Solutions

A raft of cloud based solutions are available for communication. This essentially means company files and information are stored virtually on servers on the Internet. Therefore wherever you are in the world – London, New York, Tokyo or Sydney – it doesn’t matter – access is the same.


This article is just a brief overview if you need specialist advice on volcano proofing your IT infrastructure give Online Media Direct a call today 

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