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Instagram for Business Ways to Improve performance

Published by on July 7, 2013

In our previous blog post which showed the Top 5 trending social media channels and how Instagram is one that is trending in the UK.

So how can a startup or small business take advantage of this rapidly growing channel ? One of the big ways is using hashtags and looking for ones that fit within your business.

The questions to ask are what is your target area are you a local business, nationwide what is your positioning within the marketplace. Do you want to appear as the market leader do you cater in a specialised field within your market.

A great example we can look at is a US brand called Fight Soap. A brand of soap created for fighters in sports such as MMA Mixed martial arts.


Using a wide selection of hashtags within their posts. Targeting Wrestlers or the average gym goer Fightsoap have every area you could think of covered.



Another excellent way they use Instagram is by positioning their brand with other leading brands marketed to their audience.

See below how they have used a can of the highly popular energy drink Monster on this image.


How could your company and brand improve upon their activity on Instagram using these techniques ?




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