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Instagram Launches New Collage App – Layout

Published by on April 7, 2015

One of the world’s most popular image-sharing websites, Instagram, has launched a brand new app named Layout, aiming to help users create compelling photo collages and inventive new twists on the conventional Instagram picture. The new app, which went live this month, is aiming to cater to the estimated 20% of active Instagram users who tinker with their images to include multiple shots within one post.

The app is totally free and is aiming to provide a more seamless link between photo collage apps and Instagram itself. It’s easy and quick – users can choose photos from the Camera Roll, or use the app’s ‘Photo Booth’ feature, which takes multiple pictures in a row and positions them in fun and unique collage layouts.

Users can use up to nine images in one collage, and there are sixteen different image layouts to choose from. There’s the ‘Mirror’ feature, which flips the same photo horizontally, and ‘Flip’ turns images upside down. As with many regular photo-editing apps, users can drag to reposition the images within the frame, and pinch to zoom in or shrink the picture.

Once the right images are in place and positioned the way the user wants, the app is designed to make it super-easy for users to export the image straight into Instagram, where they can add captions, emojis and those all-important filters.

Layout has proven to be a hit with regular users, but also with brands. In the first few weeks since it launched, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora and Shutterfly have all used Layout to add a layer of interest to their Instagram images.

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