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Internet Marketing and its bigger picture

Published by on August 11, 2010

Time and time again speaking to new people looking to improve there fortunes online the point of view of the individuals situation is different. Many companies may start from using Google Adwords and progress due to increasing costs to Search Engine Optimisation or Vice Versa. One common situation is companies are either pro SEO or pro Cost per click and it is very rare where you will find a company willing to embrace both mediums. It is without question or doubt the need for both areas to be fully covered accordingly is vitally important if your company is to work to its full potential online.

It is said Google Adwords takes up to 40% of any incoming traffic generated for any keyword and can you really see this changing ? We certainly can’t so straight away by discounting something like adwords you are cutting out 40% of your potential audience. This could be taken from the other perspective and given a SEO bias what we are trying to say to the UK business community is take a step back from your current online marketing plan could you potentially “not see the wood for the trees” due to the unbiased push towards one particular form of online marketing.

We have found that many companies are doing and have been doing this for over a decade at times. Now we have another perspective that of social networking and this can be a real gold mine for many different industries online . Using this in a way to help engage with the audience is a fantastic way of increasing traffic and unlike other forms of advertising online this is a real longterm project.

Take that step back and consider the whole picture  for the future thinking of your presence online. You may well be losing out on a large percentage of your audience online.

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