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Internet Marketing Top 10 Christmas List For Santa

Published by on December 9, 2011

3  - Santa & Mrs. Claus at Tree of Hope 2011
Creative Commons License photo credit: Roswell Park

Put the Christmas tree up, grab a mince pie and get down to the nitty gritty of these 10 simple Internet marketing ideas that will give your business more mileage than Santa’s sleigh. Take up this 10-day pre-Christmas challenge to give your business the ultimate flying start in 2012.

1.Get on Facebook!
Facebook is the world’s largest social network and is more than rivalling Google for the attentions of millions of shoppers who go online to find the best deals. Facebook gives you a channel upon which to host videos and images of your products, create discussions about your industry or engage directly with your customers to drive sales.

2,Be Found on Foursquare
Foursquare is a location-based social network that allows users to ‘check-in’ via their smart phone and share their experiences with Foursquare friends, making recommendations about shops, restaurants, bars, hair salons or whatever they happened to visit. A branded Foursquare page gives your business the opportunity to share content such as special offers or recommendations via ‘Tips’.

3.Create a Fan Page to Shout About
While businesses on Facebook are given plenty of opportunity to mingle with their customers and hopefully find new ones, the most successful Facebook enterprises are those with truly engaging Fan Pages. A ‘fan gateway’ allows you to offer exclusive content and encourages more users to become fans. Each one provides publicity for your business in the form of an announcement about their new allegiance on their wall, which is potentially seen by several hundred of their friends.

4.Be My Guest… Blogger
Guest blog posts are superb way to introduce a new audience to your business, and essentially work like a targeted infomercial. An established and well-read blog within your business sector provides a guest writing spot to you, the business owner, in order to tell its readers about who you are and what you do. Online Media Direct has a vast network of blog contacts that offer guest writing spots.

5.Social Sharing
In a world where nothing is considered important unless it is shared, integrating social sharing buttons into your website is critical. When a user finds a product or news item that they find interesting, funny or exciting, they don’t just WANT to share it, they EXPECT to be able to share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter and the like. A lack of social sharing options is quite simply… not an option.

6.A Pictures Tells a Thousand Words
Infographics are the new graphs and charts, but unlike those trusted paragons of boardrooms the world over, infographics make sense to people other than executives and number crunchers. A good infographic has huge social sharing potential, because they offer a smart and concise way to present facts, figures, ideas and other information, in a way that people actually feel compelled to share it.

(Social Media) In 60 Seconds
Creative Commons License photo credit: birgerking

7.Discover the Power of Social Media
It may have already become obvious to you that most of these points so far have a certain ‘social’ element about them. Clearly this is not a coincidence. As an online marketing tool, social media has revolutionised the way businesses engage with their customers, creating a paradigm shift in the way Internet shopping works. People no longer search for products and services… products and services find them!

8. Boost Your SEO with Social Media
Not only is social media a revolution in its own right, it is also having an impact on established web marketing techniques such as SEO. With more and more social integration across the web, Google and Bing are starting to take an increasing amount of data into their ranking algorithms from social sharing activity, as well as ‘likes’, ‘fans’, ‘follows’ and other indicators, such as Google’s own ‘+1’ button.

9.Why OMD Should be on Your Christmas List
By now you’re probably questioning the likelihood that all, or indeed any, of these marketing marvels will be implemented before the big man squeezes down your chimney. Perhaps we have been a little enthusiastic and ambitious in our expectations and recommendations. But enthusiasm and ambition in Internet marketing are two of the key ingredients that make OMD an essential Christmas gift to your business.


c c - Google+
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10. Grab a Google+ Page
Posing a challenge to the established supremacy of Facebook and Twitter, Google’s new social media offering has already been touted as both a “Facebook killer” and a “complete failure”, just in the space of a few months. Google have had their dalliances with social media in the past, but this time around they have built a very strong platform that offers complete integration with all their other products. Given the power and dominance of Google in the online market, a business that ignores Google+ does so at their own peril!

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