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Ipads influence on browsing trends

Published by on August 21, 2010

We have had our apple ipad up and running for a month or so now and putting my Internet marketing head on I wanted to discuss the ipad influence over browsers online. The size and ease of use element lends this platform to longer browsing trends. Not only that the integration between emails and automated updates or even remote desktop viewing from the ipad means the overlaps between use for pleasure and business will be there.

Longer tail phrases and reviews of products will be used by browsers so for example “ipad review” or even product specific “ipad wifi 32GB plus 3g” will be copied and pasted into the address bar. This is a good thing to consider when setting up your title tags and descriptions for pages. Longer tail product specific searches are well worth consideration and at times can be much less competitive to achieve good first page rankings.

So what is the ipads position in the household it has so many different functions the “mobile me” function from apple is a fantastic way of achieving the effects of file sharing that would come with a business server for very little expenditure. Another clever internet marketing trick is to look at the browsing trends of users on safari and compare these statistics with other browsers I would go as far to say 95% of ipad users will use safari to browse online. You can view the browsing trends of safari users in the google analytics browser section.

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